Kitchen Tips: Choosing the Right Knife

  • Kitchen Tips: Choosing the Right Knife - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.
    Hi, I am Madea Allen from Organic Soul Chef, and what I would like to share with you is how to determine the right knife for your work in the kitchen. So what I have here are four knives, which will give you a good insight ion what you could do with these particular four knives. So the first knife is the classic French Knife. It is a nice sturdy knife, it has this beautiful curvature here and a nice tip here. So it is great, the curvature allows you to more comfortably slice, because it gives you a rock, you know? As opposed to doing this, this is actually a bit more sustainable when you are slicing. So, I really like this knife, this is one of my favorites.
    This is very sturdy, so it will allow you to cut through more thick-skinned vegetables, like a butternut squash. I actually use this to break down a whole chicken. It is great for boning the chicken, removing the bone, because of the tip. So, thicker meats, it is great. And it is actually just, you know, a really, all-around great knife to have in the kitchen.
    So, the next knife is the serrated knife. It is a bit more narrow than the French knife. It has this little serrated edge here, and it is perfect for cutting through thin-skinned vegetables, even salmon, like thin salmon, tomatoes, peaches, things like that. And bread, of course. This is typically called a bread knife. It is really great. The thin, narrow construction just allows you to have more control over your slice.
    Alright, and the next knife I have is, it is a bit more thin of a blade than my French knife, it is the Japanese knife. I would not actually cut through more thick vegetables with my Japanese knife. And it does look a bit like a cleaver, but do not be fooled. Cleavers are the best thing to cut through meat, especially with the bone on it, because it has a much more thicker construction. So, my Japanese knife is just another great knife to use for thinner-skinned vegetables. OK!
    And then the paring knife. Paring knives are great to have in the kitchen because they allow you to easily peel, they give you much more control, say, for slicing mushrooms. I love slicing mushrooms with my paring knife, I love slicing through avocado, because the beautiful tip just really allows me to have a perfect, equidistant slice of the product. So, paring knives are great. It is great to have all these knives, and that is how you would determine the right knife for your work in the kitchen.

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