It’s always difficult to choose what to prepare and do not spend a lot of time. There is no need to spend the whole evening to prepare a delicious dinner and dessert. A slow cooker is the best kitchen tool that you can cook various dishes without effort. Everybody loves meatballs and we know how to cook them in the slow cooker: mix ground beef, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, and parsley. Make a ball and add a square of cheese in the center. Place meatballs into a slow cooker and cover with tomato sauce. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can cook meatballs with potatoes in an oven. Firstly, boil potatoes and cut put the pieces into a baking tray. Prepare meatballs and don’t forget to add herbs for better taste. Place meatballs over the potatoes put the rest of the potato pieces between meatballs. Add bechamel sauce and cheese.
    The next recipe is my favorite! Stuffed potatoes are super-delicious and your friends will love to try this dish. To start, bake potatoes for 45 minutes and cut the top. Remove the cooked flesh from the potato, and prepare the topping. You can cook different kinds of toppings and we offer to mix the flesh with cream, ham and green onion. Put the mixture into each potato. After that put the rest of the potato flesh into the baking tray and put stuffed potatoes upside down. Cover with bechamel sauce and bake for 20 minutes.
    Try to make mulled wine in a slow cooker. Combine wine, sugar, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange slices in a slow cooker. Heat for 15 minutes.
    01:24 Ramen hot dogs
    02:01 Airy omelet
    03:45 Slow cooker fried chicken
    06:06 Cheesy meatballs
    07:49 Mulled wine
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