The ULTIMATE Korean STREET FOOD Tour of BIFF Square | Busan, South Korea

  • After arriving in Busan on my sixth day in South Korea, my mind and stomach were set on properly exploring the city’s street food. Come along with me and my boy Sam from Samuel & Audrey as we dive headfirst into the tantalizing, mouthwatering world of Busan’s Korean street food!
    Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea. We started at the Busan International Film Festival marketplace, which has tons of street food. The aroma of fish was so powerful as soon as I arrived! There’s squid, fish pancakes and more, as well as belts, souvenirs, coconuts, sweets, oden, and so much more! It’s a feast for the eyes!
    I started with some tteok-bokki, which are rice cakes, along with hot pot fish cakes, pork blood sausage. It was all coated with an intense, red sauce that was nice and spicy! The tteok-bokki was like a nice mochi. It was so good!
    I went with the fish cake next, which was incredible with the sauce. It took it to a whole new level! It was spongy and absorbed the sauce well! The sausage was unreal and contained a lot of rice. The sauce was unbelievable. I wanted to bathe in it!
    Then I tried a mandu, which is a Korean pork dumpling, with the sauce. They’re pan-fried and was crunchy on the bottom, soft in the middle, and contained some delicious vegetables. It was different from the dumplings in China and Japan but still so good! I couldn’t get enough of it!
    I washed it down with a cup of fishy oden broth, which was a fantastic palate cleanser. Everything cost me about 6,000 won, or a little under $5 USD.
    Then we headed over to the Korean fried chicken with sweet and spicy glaze. It looked really crispy and was double-fried. It looked like the best popcorn chicken ever! I got a small order. It was so sweet, fresh, organic, and crispy! It’s the best fried chicken in the world! It came with another rice cake, which was a little harder but still so good! The sweet honey glaze was off the chain!
    Then we came across silkworm larvae, which looked disgusting, but Sam doesn’t like them. I don’t like eating super weird things, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It tasted like earth but still was pretty bad!
    This market is huge! It branches off in lots of different directions. Next, we came across a roasted vanilla marshmallow with ice cream in the middle. I’m not a sweets guy but it was super fluffy and tasty! There was chocolate in the middle, too!
    At the end of the market were small huts with fortune tellers, but none of them spoke English. Then we got some grilled scallops with cheese, onion, and corn and sauce. The guy torches them and nearly burned my camera! It was so succulent and had a nice contrast from the scallop, vegetables, and sauce. The burned taste was incredible. I can eat seafood all day! It cost 3,000 won/$2.47 USD for one.
    We ended our food tour with a waffle and waffle ball for dessert. The waffle ball contained a white bean curd and was crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. It cost 1,000 won/$0.82 for three. The waffles had whipped cream between them and was like a Belgian waffle. It was very filling but wasn’t my favorite.
    I felt like I was about to pop! Next, we headed up to Yongdusan Park, a.k.a. Dragonhead Mountain, where they have over 70 species of trees in 69,000 square meters of land. We took an escalator to the park entrance. It was the only place where trade between the Chosun Dynasty and Japan could take place until the 17th and 18th century!
    What an incredible street food adventure!
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